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About Me

David Bee was stuck in the retail industry for over a decade right out of high school. However, this experience forged his unique and relatable approach to business development.Initially, stuck in what he thought was his only career path, after working with a coach, and joining an incredible small community, David realized that the constant under-appreciation, mistreatment, and severe under-compensation, was not his final destination, he didn't have to be stuck in this industry for the rest of his life.With a new-found excitement (and a push from a horrendously ungrateful supervisor), David rage quit and jumped into the unknown, resolving to create something of significant value and impact for other front-line workers stuck in dead-end jobs, and anyone else looking to turn something they're passionate about into an income.This journey (which is still ongoing), is full of trials, errors, and failures, but ultimately marked by large and small victories every day.

Alongside managing a couple of small companies, David devotes most of his time to guiding others on how to start, launch, and grow their own business venture, helping them avoid the massive mistakes he had to go through.So, if you harbor a fiery passion or a compelling mission, David can teach you how to transform it into a thriving business. He skillfully helps you evade the common financial and technical pitfalls that so often occur when trying to do it on your own.The main thing that sets David apart from other business/personal development coaches is his commitment to an intimate, hands-on approach.Rather than merely lecturing on theories or potential strategies, David partners with you in the creation of tangible systems, tools, and assets tailor-made for your business.His approach simplifies the often overwhelming learning curve associated with elements like artificial intelligence, social media marketing, and website development.His collaborative strategy empowers you to focus on your strengths - sharing your expertise, talents, and passion with those who appreciate them the most.Incredibly, David will also assist you in accomplishing your goals faster, with less expenses, and with more simplicity than nearly any other business or personal development coach in the industry. (Plus, you'll have way more fun than you possibly expect!)

We already have enough information. Now, it's time to take action and get things done, with the support, guidance, and camaraderie that only David Bee can offer.Schedule a complimentary meeting today to learn more.

Available Support

David Bee can help you in 3 different ways:
Sharing what he knows (free)
Working together (cost-effective)
Doing it for you (fastest)

  • Entrepreneurial Consultation

  • Digital Course Creation Partner

  • ChatGPT Guide and Enthusiast

  • Zoom / Online Event Help

  • Live Event Support

  • AI Tools/Programs Support

  • Creative / Startup Business Loans

  • Virtual Reality / Metaverse Business

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Let's Work Together!

After a decade of entrepreneurial masterminds, David Bee has seen so many potential businesses fail to start or struggle to grow due to the fact there is so much confusing information published online these days.In order to help you, he has put together a few packages designed to let you break through the most common roadblocks new business owners tend to get stuck on.Let David come and work with you to get through whatever it is you're struggling with...David can be your entrepreneurial mentor, your personal assistant, or whatever role it takes to get your project done!

What the f*ck is even going on??!?!?!?!This is a podcast with David Bee and Teresa Marick where they let you know it's okay to have no idea what you're doing, and encourage you to do it anyway.If you're ready to hear some awesome guest interviews, deeply personal stories, and easy-to-implement tips for success. Check us out anywhere you get your podcasts!

(That means: "Please tell me the juicy gossip")

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Colorado Mastermind

A wonderful community of entrepreneurs, executives, business owners, and personal development enthusiasts who all want to come together for the sole purpose of helping each other!There is no cost to join
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David Bee
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I give away free stuff, send you cool emails, and invite you to fun things.Enter your info below today to connect with David and also get instant access to his personal mastermind group.Join us, at no cost, in pretty much the best community of like-minded peers on the planet.
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Let's Work Together!

Choose the support that aligns with your needs: One Hour, One Week, or the Unlimited Monthly Support package.One Hour package - you gain a laser-focused session with David. Here, you'll tackle a specific challenge head-on, creating immediate and actionable solutions. This package is a perfect fit for those needing quick, targeted assistance.One Week - when you need more comprehensive support. Over the course of seven days, David will work alongside you, tackling multiple hurdles together. This package is designed for those facing a range of challenges, and needing sustained guidance over a short period.Unlimited Monthly Support - offers continuous access to David's expertise and guidance. As you navigate the shifting terrain of your journey, David will be there with you every step of the way, providing consistent, long-term support.No matter your needs, David adapts to serve you best. Whether it's as an accountability partner, mentor, personal assistant, or a mix of these, he is committed to propelling your project to success.No more stagnation! Don't let confusion and obstacles keep you from moving forward. Empower your journey with David Bee's collaborative program. It's more than an investment—it's your stepping stone towards success.

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Remember, you don't have to do it alone. Choose from one of these packages and get personalized support from David himself. Don't let confusion or frustration hold you back any longer. Let's invest in your business and take the next step towards success together!

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